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ModalConnect is purpose-built for intelligence-led operations and investigations across policing and correctional organisations. It’s equally valuable for compliance, integrity and audit units, environmental protection, education and defence applications.

ModalConnect simplifies and streamlines operations so the organisation can spend more time acting on the data while investing less time just getting it into shape. ModalConnect breaks down siloes, bypasses bottlenecks, enhances collaboration, enables timely analysis and gives users confidence that they’re working with the most comprehensive and reliable data currently available.

It’s well-proven in real-world applications. Today’s ModalConnect grew out of work for two major New Zealand government agencies in the early 2000’s.

Developed and refined in the years since, it is now being utilised by growing numbers of organisations across law enforcement, corrections, fisheries and environmental compliance.

ModalConnect complies with information management and security standards.

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Provide your teams with the tools to visualize and understand vast, complex, highly-connected data sets using ModalConnect.

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Our Customers

We support organisations including Government Agencies across Law Enforcement, Corrections, Defence, Fisheries, Environmental Compliance and more .....

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