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ModalConnect Fact Sheet

ModalConnect is purpose-built for intelligence-led operations and investigations across policing and correctional organisations. It’s equally valuable for compliance, integrity and audit units, environmental protection, education and defence applications.

ModalConnect simplifies and streamlines operations so the organisation can spend more time acting on the data while investing less time just getting it into shape. ModalConnect breaks down siloes, bypasses bottlenecks, enhances collaboration, enables timely analysis and gives users confidence that they’re working with the most comprehensive and reliable data currently available.

ModalConnect at a glance

ModalConnect streamlines the collection of large, complex datasets and accelerates processing and analysis. Quickly and securely it ‘makes connections’, identifying relationships and delivering critical, joined-up insights that can be dramatically more useful. Who is associating with who? Where do they gather, physically or online? What incidents have they been involved in? What other information is available, such as physical features or phone logs?

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Designed for the challenges of intelligence-led operations and investigations
Organisations tasked with delivering intelligence-led operations and investigations face a daunting range of specific challenges:

  • Breaking through silos: information is often scattered in disjointed silos across the organisation

  • Managing volumes: huge quantities of data, structured and unstructured, are involved – all of which must be processed without unacceptable wait times

  • Extracting actionable information: those huge datasets must be processed effectively and quicky to extract actionable insights, expose connections, uncover gaps and highlight potential risks

  • Ensuring responsiveness: intelligence gathering operations must be able to deliver insights fast, especially in the face of rapidly-changing threats such as disinformation, extremism or cyberattacks

  • Ensuring security: intelligence data is highly sensitive and complex. The need for speed can’t override the regulatory demands, both domestic and international, for careful handling. Balancing operational effectiveness with compliance can be complex

  • Protecting operations: maintaining the confidentiality of intelligence operations and sources is crucial. Failures can compromise investigations, endanger individuals and undermine trust

  • Maintaining constant readiness: organisations must continuously gather intelligence while never knowing when (or if) it will be needed

  • Managing resources: organisations typically face chronic constraints on resources including funding, skills and technology. Investigation and intelligence are non-revenue generating functions that must fight to justify themselves. New technology must be cost-effective

  • Maintaining skills: intelligence work demands high levels of expertise and people with those skills are sought after by the private sector. Working with cumbersome, old systems creates frustration and disillusionment.

ModalConnect: purpose-built to meet those challenges

Far more than an off-the-shelf CRM package, ModalConnect has been designed specifically to meet the challenges of intelligence gathering and investigations.

  • Streamlined data input: users don’t need coding knowledge to upload data, significantly reducing the bottlenecks involved with reliance on data analysts and specialists. Pre-processing automation plus ‘drag & drop’- style features improve throughput, increase entity and association identification, improve pattern spotting and matching. ModalConnect’s input and processing is fully configurable to meet your organisation’s unique needs

  • Improved case management: easy-to-use tools streamline case management, enable cross-team investigation management and collaboration. ModalConnect boosts speed and efficiency, enables information sharing where necessary, combined with fully integrated link analysis, ModalConnect helps users respond rapidly to organisations’ increasing needs for information

  • Advanced analytic, search and reporting functions: ModalConnect searches both structured and unstructured data. Users can create their own visual analytics and explore the data to detect patterns, identify anomalies and deliver valuable insights in a fraction of the time usually required

  • Portal access and easy collaboration: ModalConnect offers the convenience of online access via a portal. No more sharing sensitive information by risky hardcopy or email. You can invite selected parties (internal or external, local or international) to collaborate, and manage their rights of access to the reports, summaries, and profiles

  • Active database: ModalConnect creates active intelligence that is always up to date when the time comes to connect the present with the past

  • Cost-effective: as a hosted SaaS solution, ModalConnect minimises both capex and operating overheads. Charges are scalable depending on the size of your team

  • Alerts: ModalConnect delivers notifications in real time

  • Audit: a full history of user activity is accessible for audit purposes

  • Robust security: ModalConnect lets you specify roles and permissions at file, case, or department level. From end to end the system is designed to protect individuals and sensitive data while ensuring compliance with audit and regulatory standards

  • Integration: cloud-based, ModalConnect integrates easily with your existing systems. It links with your Users Active Directory and preferred sign-on authentication method to provide a seamless experience

  • On-prem management: no passwords are stored in ModalConnect. User access is controlled totally by customer organisations via their own access and authentication protocols and systems. In practice, users simply see ModalConnect as another app to support them in their work

  • Instant access: web and mobile access means approved users inside or outside the organisation can utilise ModalConnect to support their work any time, from anywhere

  • Flexible: highly configurable, ModalConnect is flexible and easy to adapt to your needs


Why ModalConnect?

ModalConnect is a dedicated solution, purpose-built for intelligence and investigation work.

It’s well-proven in real-world applications. Today’s ModalConnect grew out of work for two major New Zealand government agencies in the early 2000’s.

Developed and refined in the years since, it is now being utilised by growing numbers of organisations across law enforcement, corrections, fisheries and environmental compliance.

ModalConnect complies with Australian and New Zealand Government information management and security standards.

It is deployed and supported by a mobile, well-resourced team with many years’ ModalConnect experience, based in New Zealand.

Next steps: let’s connect

Let us show you how ModalConnect works, and how it could enhance your organisation’s intelligence gathering or investigation work. Contact us for a demo or call our ModalConnect product manager Tony Russell on +64 (0)22 672 5578

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