May 22 - Senior Angular Developer - Open Role

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Work from home (New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom)


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May 21 - we're increasing our product team


Open roles exist for software developers at both senior and junior positions.  For the right candidates these offer the opportunity to work on an SaaS product in an established company.  Flexible working conditions available.


For more information see our Careers page. 


Company News

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Our focus over the past 2 years has been to redesign (focusing on improving human - machine interaction), replatform and launch our Secure Intelligence Database application (SiD) as a hosted secure  Software as a Service application on the Microsoft Azure platform - rebranded ModalConnect.

Case Studies

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ModalConnect is an end-to-end secure data collection, investigation management, analysis and reporting platform for all organizations.

Combined with embedded best of breed visualization, analytics and smart forms data capture, ModalConnect provides consolidated management of reported Incidents, Complaints, or Issues across the enterprise.

Case Studies will be published as we complete Customer migrations.