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Law Enforcement

Prove, solve or prevent crime



ModalConnect supports Intelligence and Investigation cycles.  ModalConnect SaaS offers a military strength ‘need to know’ data security model coupled with deep flexibility to model threats in any domain.  It's the latest highly configurable offering from a line of products with proven success across military intelligence, drug enforcement, environment protection (and many more). 

ModalConnect supports the cycle from Planning and Direction, Collection, Evaluation, Collation, Analysis, Review and Dissemination. It provides support for task management and process flows including task assignment and notifications.  The model is dynamic with an ability to change on the fly – to adapt as the operation evolves.   


Collection of unstructured and structured intelligence is supported via user driven entry or ModalConnect’s LiNK Form providing a high level of structured intelligence gathering.  An API is available for integration with 3rd party data sources.  Entity extraction is both manual and automated including Association linking that provides powerful time-saving tools to improve the reliability and confidence in the information.  ModalConnect supports many media types. 


The work processes within ModalConnect are underpinned by a military strength ‘need to know’ security matrix coupled with comprehensive search, visual analysis, secure sharing and a full and comprehensive audit trail. 


Analysis and production are supported using ModalConnect’s Visual Analytics, a powerful, flexible fast and insightful graph visualization and link analysis tool enabling complex connected critical intelligence insights.   


Dissemination and the export of data is supported by a report builder and a range of output formats.



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