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ModalConnect provides a valuable secure feature set to increase operating effectiveness and efficiency.  


By minimizing false positives, creating actionable insights and visualizing results, ModalConnect supports your flow of work in a secure and configurable way.

Identify Entities & Associations​

You want your workforce to capture details and minimize the time taken to identify Entities and related Associations and minimize false positives within a file. Using the ModalConnect advanced entity recognition and LiNK Form capture, information can be structured and validated using a number of intuitive options.  This includes a configurable smart-matching algorithm with Entity duplicate check thresholds configured against any combination of Entity Properties.

In the line of general responsibilities, field workers, capture details and on returning to the base or office, enter these into a database - this can be done in the field. The next work step often requires an Analyst to review the information identifying Entities and related Associations. A principal objective during this work is to reduce inaccuracies and improve reliability of information which creates an appropriate structure to view data that supports operational need. 

Complications arise due to time taken to identify, validate, and resolve dirty data.  Relationships with additional Entities and their clusters may be disjointed causing a diminished view and weakened analysis of the overall picture. 


To better support this work: as information is added to a File/Case, ModalConnect provides users an ability to validate new Entities against existing Entities at point of data capture. Using ModalConnect LiNK Form, information can be quickly submitted at any time of the day or night and immediately becomes searchable as new information available for analysis. 


To support some sectors, ModalConnect provides the Admiralty rating system (5x5x5 or 6x6).  This approach improves the organization’s ability to capture and structure information at source increasing confidence about information used for operational reporting and action.

LiNK Form

You need the information collection phase to flow effectively.  Allowing your team, department, organization or public to submit information in a simple effective format is essential to efficiently acquire knowledge and make decisions. 

ModalConnect’s LiNK Form supports the collection of information from a broad range of sources including ModalConnect users and other non ModalConnect users e.g. the wider organization or public facing enabling a wider scope of information collection. Once the form is submitted, it is made visible to the appropriate role for further vetting and analysis.   

As information is added to a File/Case, ModalConnect can validate new Entities against existing Entities at point of data capture. Using the ModalConnect LiNK Form, information can be validated using a number of intuitive options.

Suggested entities and associations are promoted to the User in real-time to assist with data quality (reduced duplicates), decision making and to help determine reliability of information.

Information can be further evaluated using the ModalConnect Visual Analytics – a powerful, flexible fast and insightful graph visualization link analysis tool.

A custom form designer is provided with all subscriptions.  

Entity Extraction & Associations

ModalConnect supports automated suggested Entity identification and suggested Associations (subject to security & role access). ModalConnect learns as information is collected, advancing the value of the data and improving the efficiency of work. This delivers productivity gains and supports better decision making and outcomes. 

Entities and associations within ModalConnect are at the heart of entity profiles, reporting, visualization, assessments, notifications, watchlists and alerting. 

Active Entity Profiles

ModalConnect extends the accepted approach to information collection and Entity analysis by supporting configurable Entity Profiles using information captured and synthesized.

Through the information collection lifecycle, an organization can leverage the reliable base set of Entities and Association links and incorporate new information to develop further confidence in the Entity Profiles.

ModalConnect Entity Profiles provide connected views of Entities, and this enables informed decision making in what could be an escalating environment.

As with all ModalConnect features, Entity Profiles are protected by the same proven security model, including a full log of all activity.


Create Actionable Insights

You are focused on directing your team to prove or disprove the validity of information. ModalConnect supports the information cycle used to make intelligence led accurate and effective decisions.  You need actionable information and require confidence in the approach using a number of validation techniques.

The intelligence cycle is the process used to make intelligence focused, accurate and effective as possible.  Organizations are required to continuously test the validity of information seeking to create a reliable picture of the topic in question.  These work steps can consume workforce capacity but is often the only way to increase an organizations ability to confidently make decisions. Creating a reliable and robust intelligence model that provides a basis for actionable decisions is both challenging and resource intensive.   

Actionable intelligence requires trust and confidence in the data when making decisions. The ModalConnect approach is to validate at source and significantly reduce the workforce effort that usually occurs further in the cycle.  With a more reliable base set of Entities and Association links, available earlier in the cycle, an organization can use their visualization and charting capability earlier to make decisions.  

This increased confidence allows them to formulate an intelligence picture or business hypothesis to prove or disprove topics of interest.

Visualize & Analyze

Your team needs to “join the dots” in data and reveal insights. ModalConnect supports this with proven data visualization tools that are clear and clutter free enabling you to make the connection. 

Analysis and production is supported using ModalConnect’s Visual Analytics using a powerful, flexible, fast and insightful graph visualization or link analysis tool that distils complex connected critical intelligence insights. Revealing sights between people places and events.


Users rely on a visual model that’s clear, clutter-free and lets them find the answers they’re looking for quickly and easily. 

Layouts are automatically arranged providing users with clean clear views of information. With a range of layout options available, users can adapt views to highlight different aspects.   

If there is a need to simplify large and complex data sets, combos provide a fully interactive approach to grouping nodes and links including style, open, close, nest with an ability to move around them (post launch work in progress). 

If users require a map view and data has latitude and longitude properties, users can transition between a network view or map view using the Leaflet library add-ons (post launch work in progress).  

The time bar makes it easy to see how connections form, evolve or break over time. It gives analysts a powerful way to filter any data with a timestamp or duration so they can focus on the most important connections. Pattern analysis is made easy by visualizing the volume or type of activity taking place (post launch work in progress).  

To help users identify the most important nodes in their network data, a set of power algorithms are included to develop a social network analysis. They reveal insight including which nodes are strategically well-placed or most influential. SNA isn’t just for networks of people: e.g. it’s important to understand interactions between devices; transactions between bank accounts; companies, directors and shareholders; or many other situations where social networks exist (post launch work in progress).



To allow your team to reach high productivity you need an information system that supports your organisation’s intelligence led way of working from where you work.

ModalConnect is a configurable SaaS product that supports your organization’s intelligence collection and investigations management demands, from where you work.  This adaptability means being able to drive more effective and efficient operations and better high-level decisions with a supporting tool that can work the way your organization wants to — and not one driven by a vendor’s assumption of how your unique enterprise should operate.  ModalConnect provides high levels of configurability that you control with a full set of features ready for you from day one.


The following ModalConnect features are fully configurable

  • Organization department or unit      

  • File reference     

  • Document reference     

  • Property Lookups – extensive starter set      

  • System Lookups – includes Admiralty ratings and other starter set types         

  • Notes

  • Tags       

  • Task templates – fully configurable to support Task Categories     

  • Entities and attributes - including smart matching, fully configurable     

  • Associations –  including Forward and Reverse descriptions, group and time dependency.  Starter set provided.   

  • User Roles – starter set - fully configurable     

  • Assessments - classifications level, values, attributes and risk scoring

  • Dashboards

  • Report Designer

  • LiNK Form

  • Forms Designer     

Data In/Data Out - API

ModalConnect is designed to enable the collection of data from multiple sources to enhance the entity and association views when conducting assessments, reviews or investigations.

Extending beyond the capture of Information Reports and Forms, ModalConnect enables data to be imported and connected to entities, associated with cases and investigations. 

Data can be exported in a variety of formats for reporting or integration with other systems.


You need confidence that you are meeting the legal and regulatory requirements of jurisdictions in which you conduct business. This impacts how data is accessed, processed, stored, transferred and destroyed.  You need confidence that information is being handled with the correct balance of confidentiality, integrity and availability whilst allowing work to flow achieving actionable outcomes.   

ModalConnect is underpinned by an intuitive configurable role-based security model to meet the full spectrum of security needs from basic to a military strength ‘need to know’.  ModalConnect is hosted on Microsoft Azure, providing best in class compliance with standards and data security best practice protocols.  Click here for more information. 

ModalConnect leverages Azure’s strong security and encryption protocols for data at rest and in transit to protect the confidentiality of information transcending between the Web client, APIs, databases and storage.


ModalConnect utilises Azure’s logical tenant isolation to segregate storage and processing for different organizations to ensure that customer data is not combined and to prevent a compromised customer from affecting the service or data of another. 

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) integration ensures organizations, and/or their information technology support personnel, configure and maintain full control over user authentication and access to data.  


ModalConnect's security posture is strengthened by leveraging a second layer of access and authentication based on user roles and permissions. 

The Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement clearly defines its data-use policies. Azure regularly has independent audits conducted benchmarking the company and its services against international standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and CSA CCM3.0.1, so organizations can have confidence that it is honouring its commitments. 


ModalConnect encrypts data files in real time, using a Database Encryption Keys (DEK). 

Entity Extraction
ModalConnect Fact Sheet
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