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Listen to your audiences

ModalConnect accepts, categorizes and tracks complaints from initiation through to resolution. Issues can be linked to associated parties and notifications generated throughout the process.  Complaints and the tasks established to manage the investigation and response to complaints are prioritized using a variety of criteria, staff alerted, and resources deployed to resolve issues. The secure management of information when dealing with complaints enables all parties to operate within a process that respects the privacy and rights of all parties whilst delivering the necessary reporting and oversight to management. The flip side to effective complaints management is improved staff satisfaction and productivity.

ModalConnect provides the tools to investigate, monitor and manage complaints and deliver oversight to managers seeking to understand the activity levels, nature and sources of complaints and resolution rates.

ModalConnect helps you manage every complaint in a timely and efficient manner, whilst aggregating insights and empowering you to implement change and improve your products, services or processes.

The privacy of information and its secure access is at the core of ModalConnect and is supported by a proven security model backed by comprehensive logging of changes to data, user access and activity. 


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