ModalConnect provides a valuable secure feature set to increase effectiveness and efficiency.  


By minimising false positives, creating actionable insights and visualising results, ModalConnect supports your flow of work in a secure and configurable way.

For a comprehensive overview of ModalConnect's features click here to view the Fact Sheet


​Minimize False Positives​

You want your workforce to capture details and minimize the time taken to identify Entities and related Associations and minimize false positives within a file. Using ModalConnect's advanced machine based entity recognition and SmartForms capture, information can be structured and validated using a number of intuitive options.  This includes a configurable smart-matching algorithm with Entity duplicate check thresholds configured against any combination of Entity Properties. Click here for more information.


You need the information collection phase to flow effectively.  Allowing your team, department, organization or public to submit information in an effective intuitive format is essential to efficiently develop knowledge and make decisions.  ModalConnect’s SmartForms supports the collection of information from a broad range of sources. Information can be further evaluated including ModalConnect’s Visual Analytics – a powerful, flexible fast and insightful graph visualization link analysis tool.  Click here for more information.

Create Actionable Insights

You are focused on directing your team to prove or disprove validity of information. ModalConnect supports the information cycle used to make intelligence led accurate and effective decisions.  You need actionable information and require confidence in the approach using a number of techniques to validate and formulate an intelligence picture or business hypothesis to prove or disprove topics of interest.   Click here for more information.



Visualize & Analyze

Your team needs to “join the dots” in data and reveal insights. ModalConnect supports this with proven data visualization tools that is clear and clutter free enabling you to make the connection. With automatic layouts, network filtering, node combining, social network, time based or map mode analysis, you are supported by a high performing platform to visualize your data sets.  Click here for more information.


To allow your team to reach high productivity you need an information system that supports your organisation’s intelligence led way of working from where you work.  This adaptability means being able to drive more efficient operations and better high-level decisions with a tool that can work the way your organisation wants to — and not one driven by a vendor’s assumption of how your unique enterprise should operate.  ModalConnect provides high levels of configurability that you control with a complete set of features ready for you from day one.  Click here for more information. 


You need high confidence that you are meeting laws and regulations that impact how data is accessed, processed, stored, transferred and destroyed.  You need confidence that information is being handled with the correct balance of confidentiality, integrity and availability whilst allowing work to flow achieving actionable outcomes.   

ModalConnect is underpinned by an intuitive configurable role based security model to meet the full spectrum of security needs from basic to a military strength ‘need to know’.  It’s supported by  ModalConnect’s hosting partner, Microsoft Azure providing best in class ability to meet a variety of compliance standards and data security best practice protocols.  Click here for more information.